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    贝博体育app靠谱-贝博体育苹果app-ballbetapp下载 -- an unmissable international event for the tape and film industry

    "APFE" is the world's leading adhesive tape and functional film industry event, it covers the industry in the world's innovative products and technology, the international adhesive tape and functional film of the latest materials and technology to the public.Materials industry includes industrial tape and protective film materials, optical film and functional film, shielding insulation materials, conductive and thermal materials, dust, shock, sound insulation materials, sticker materials;Manufacturing technology and processing equipment include cutting, coating, die-cutting/cutting, drying, coiling, laminating, rewinding, automatic cutting table, tension control device, rectifying system, mould, blade, analysis/measurement/test instrument, cleaning system, etc.
    "APFE" establishes an important communication platform to help you improve the competitive advantage of the industry, effectively find new suppliers, collect the latest market information, search for technical solutions and learn the latest technology, so as to improve your competitive advantage and the development pulse of the market.
     • Gathering global famous brands to bring you into the wonderful world of material application and manufacturing processing technology.

      • Integrating various materials covering adhesive tape, functional film, self-adhesive label, shielding insulation materials, conductive and thermal materials, dust, shock and sound insulation materials, as well as die-cutting/cutting processing, anti-static, precision coating, testing and measurement, substrate chemicals and so on, presenting high technology.

      • New products, technologies, processes from many well-known manufacturers will be pre-announced in Asia.

      • An excellent platform for high-quality industry professionals to meet.

      • Fully understand and update industry knowledge, skills and market information.



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