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    Shanghai Fuya Exhibition Co., Ltd. the organizer of this exhibition, referred to as the organizing committee. The organizing committee reserves the right to interpret the contract and agreement.


    1. Application for participation
    Exhibitors accept all terms and conditions of the agreement. The application process will end after the organizer signs the booth contract with the exhibitor and receives the payment from the account designated by the organizer.

    2. Booth allocation and use
    A). Organizing committee shall allocate booths according to the requirements of exhibitors, and the organizing committee shall have the right to adjust the booths according to the final exhibition layout.
    B). Exhibitor shall not sublet the booth to a third party and shall not use the name inconsistent with the name listed in the contract on the booth without the prior written consent of the organizer.
    C). Exhibitors shall not participate in the exhibition until all booth fees have been paid.
    D). Unpaid fees during the term of the agreement shall be deemed to be withdrawn automatically.

    3. Transportation of exhibits
    A). the exhibitor shall be responsible for all transportation expenses of the exhibits, and shall be responsible for the storage of the exhibits before, during and after the exhibition.

    4. Change the date and address of the exhibition
    The organizing committee reserves the right to change the date and address of the exhibition due to external factors. The change of date and location shall be notified to the exhibitor one month in advance. The agreement remains valid.

    5. Force majeure
    If the organizing committee believes that the exhibition venue, exhibition and preparation will be seriously damaged, obstructed or terminated due to irresistible external conditions (such as war, natural disaster hierarchy), the exhibition will be cancelled or postponed. The organizing committee shall not be liable to any exhibitor and shall reimburse the exhibitor for the cost.

    6. Safety precautions
    A). During the exhibition period (including exhibition arrangement before and after the demolition) the unit manager is responsible for regulatory approach entrance. Exhibitors should assign staff to take care of their exhibits, decoration materials and engineering facilities. Valuables should be taken with you and insured by themselves. In case of loss or damage, the organizer will not be responsible for compensation.
    B). The exhibitor shall be liable for any loss of property or personal injury caused by the installation, operation, maintenance or negligence of his/her booth facilities, articles and exhibits during the exhibition period (including pre-exhibition arrangement and post-exhibition demolition).

    C). Other decoration and safety regulations of the exhibition are based on the regulations of "Shanghai national convention and exhibition center".
    D). The organizing committee shall not be liable for loss or damage of exhibits or other property or personal injury before, during or after the exhibition.If any valuables need to be stored overnight, the exhibitor should take out insurance or hire a special guard service. All expenses are borne by the exhibitor.Please contact the organizing committee for assistance.
    E). During the exhibition period, the exhibits shall not be taken out of the venue unless there are special circumstances.Upon formal departure, the exhibitor shall show the entry slip issued by the organizing committee to the security personnel, and leave with the exhibits after inspection.
    F). During the exhibition period, the exhibitor shall not withdraw from the exhibition for any reason, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to collect a fine from the exhibitor.
    G). Exhibitor shall ensure that the staff of the company and other relevant members do not violate laws and regulations and do not harm the interests of third parties.

    7. Fire prevention and other rules
    All exhibits, materials and accessories must adopt normal fire protection measures and comply with fire protection rules and building regulations.The exhibition shall not obstruct the sight of other exhibitors or be permitted by the organizing committee or have the disaffection of other exhibitors. The organizing committee reserves the right to correct or even prevent improper exhibition behavior of exhibitors.

    8. Exhibition site and exhibition property
    Exhibitors must take measures to protect the exhibition site and exhibition property from damage.If the exhibition site or exhibition hall property is damaged, exhibitor must make compensation to the organizing committee and exhibition hall.

    9. Venue rules
    Exhibitors are only allowed to distribute product catalogue and other materials within the booth area, and are not allowed to distribute promotional materials in the public area of the venue. Without the permission of the organizing committee, they are not allowed to hang or post advertisements in the public area of the venue.


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