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  • Exhibition process
    ● Obtain information about the exhibition and learn more about the exhibition situation and requirements;
    ● Ask the staff for the layout plan of the exhibition, select the booth; sign the contract for participation and confirm with the official seal;
    ● After the organizing committee affixes the official seal, it will return the exhibition confirmation to confirm its participation qualification;
    ● Within 5 working days after the signing of the “Application Form for Participation”, the exhibition fee will be remitted to the designated account of the Organizing Committee;
    ● Exhibitor can obtain exhibition tickets/VIP invitation from the organizing committee to invite customers to the booth;
    ● Give out “Exhibitor Manual” to exhibitor two months before the exhibition, or download “Exhibitor Manual” from our website;
    ● Exhibitor/Booth contractor submit various forms in accordance with the contents of the Exhibitor Manual;
    ● Exhibitors can contact the transporters and other service providers designated by the organizing committee to implement the preparations for the exhibition.
    ● Exhibitors will withdraw from the exhibition hall according to the time specified by the organizing committee;
    ● After the exhibition, the organizing committee will provide exhibitors with the “Exhibition Report” and other related materials.

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