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    Founder of the Global Tape and Film Professional Exhibition -「APFE」Thirteen years of achievements, moving forward in the world.


    1. As the leading exhibition of brand exhibitions, "APFE" provides excellent business opportunities for you to fully harvest industrial development opportunities and business results!

    2. "APFE" integrates the material market application and manufacturing processing technology,forms a powerful gathering place for the release and discussion of "new technologies, new products, new ideas and new markets" in the industry. More than 39,000 merchants will be on hand to help you seize more business opportunities!

    3. The top pavilion: It is a great stage for exchanges and cooperation, mutual benefit and business opportunities at home and abroad.

    4. To present new technologies, release new products, learn new policies, access new information, and explore new business opportunities.
    5. To Find dealers and agents, establish sales channels, and expand sales networks.
    6. To develop international trade and expand import and export business volume.
    7. To meet old customers, develop new customers, and build strong partnerships.
    8. To get the latest technology, new products and information in the industry, grasp the development trend of the industry.
    9. To promote the brand and expand its popularity and reputation
    10. To get purchasing information and bidding opportunities for large projects.
    11. To carry out OEM business and recruit sales, technology and management professionals.
    12. The ideal communication platform for trade, information, new products/new technologies/trade methods.





    ADD:Room 1017 Cao'an International Mart, Building 1855 Cao'an Road, Shanghai China

    Tel:86 21 3351 8642      Mobile: 86 15692189970      Mail: Veronica@apfechina.com



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